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Christmas Carol Service 2021

From a newsletter to our members from Brenda Teschke


This December newsletter reaches you with a write-up on our carol service which did actually take place on December 1st. The news of the introduction of stricter Covid regulations to start on Dec. 1st jeopardised our planning with the assumption that few people would turn up if they had to have a test first, even if they had already had 2 or 3 jabs and so short was the notice that there were too few test centres open. ( I discovered I could not have got an appointment in time for the service.) Very fortunately it seems that the churches have special concessions and Pastorin Landwehr Wegener at the Bergkirche said we could go ahead without the test. Rosi and I both agreed that by observing all the Covid rules the risks were hardly greater from one day to the next and we did not regret that decision. There was so much heartfelt, positive feedback even though the venue and performances differed from our tradtional service at Holte, and all enjoyed this Advent experience. We warmly thank all those participating in the service both actively and passively.