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Now sing with hearts aglow

Now sing with hearts aglow

And heartily did we sing the old well-loved carols in the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere of the Holte Church in our now traditional Anglo-German Christmas Carol Service.

The lovely, wistful tones of the Irish harp played by Marie Pieck ushered in the first of the Bible readings relating the prophesy of the Holy birth, and  this was followed by readings  given alternately in English or German.

As always our spirits were uplifted by the wonderful contributions of Jan Eggers, accompanied by organist Ulrich Schlie, whose rich voice resonated throughout the church   and set our hearts aglow.

Pastorin Bunselmeyer touched upon that all-important theme of peace in her address and pointed out that it is not enough to have a  just peace-loving nature. Peace must be fostered and pursued indefatigably for something  long-lasting to be achieved. However, as Mother Theresa once observed, even a smile can mean the beginning of peace.

The happy buzz in the Gemeindehaus afterwards was testimony to the feeling of goodwill as we enjoyed all the cakes and biscuits home-made by members, drinking a toddy and chattering away.The bazaar proved to be very popular once again with most of the products lovingly prepared by Committee members.The proceeds cover the costs of this memorable afternoon and even allow a sum to be paid into our Bridfas account.

A very big thank-you to all who organised the service and helped with the preparing of the rooms before and afterwards, staying to do the clearing up.

A merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all

Your Bridfas Committee