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A Summer Tea-party at Schloß Gesmold

Our society’s year began last September with a memorable 20th birthay celebration attended by many members, some had been there at the inauguration, and special guests from far and wide. The year is nearing its end with a further celebration for the 50th anniversary of the Arts Society which was held at Schloss Gesmold, home to the von Hammerstein family, whose owner is one of our founding members.

The family has close British ties with the British monarchy going back to the mid-17th century when Ernest August of Hannover arrived in Osnabrück with  his wife Sophia, later designated Heiress Presumptive to the British throne, to take up his new position as Prince Bishop of the town. The local aristocracy became very much involved in Court life and served as Court officials or leading army officers both in Osnabrück and then in Hannover. The Bishop’s son succeeded to the British throne as George I and relied on the local high officials to adminster his territories while he was in London. With this historic background, what could be more befitting than an English tea-party in these beautiful surroundings?

 Our venue was in the cafe adjacent to the Castle and the pastry chef had conjured up an array of delicacies appropriate to any afternoon tea-party with finger sandwiches, scones and patisserie as well as a suitable choice of teas. In the background an excellent trio of musicians playing the guitar, violin and double bass added to the enchantment of the occasion with their medley of swinging, tea-party melodies.

The weather was very kind to us and the wonderful summer weather remained unbroken with no bad-tempered storm clouds on the horizon to spoil our day. Our hostess gave us a knowledgeable tour of the baroque gardens she has lovingly restored over the years, and the park with its distinctive specimen trees.

We must thank her again most sincerely for providing such a wonderful ambiente for our celebration which I know our members and guests enjoyed tremendously.

Brenda Teschke