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Christmas Carol Service

Hark the Herald Angels sing

Throughout the year angels tend to be neglected spirits. Come December we suddenly recall the important role they play in the Christmas story as Pastorin Dr. Köhler pointed out in her Christmas message at our fifth carol service in the Holte Church on 6th December, reminding us of the comfort and hope they can bring to one and all.

The standard of singing of the congregation at our Christmas Carol Service may not have quite reached that of an angelic choir but it was nonetheless full of vigour and expressive of the joyful anticipation of the coming festive season.

The readings of the seven lessons were interspersed with carols and other music. The dulcet, lovely sound of the Irish harp, played by Marie Pieck imparted a wonderful depth of feeling, whilst Jan Friedrich Eggers, accompanied by Ulrich Schlie at the organ, added another dimension as he filled our hearts and minds with his joyful rendering of Christmas music.

The service ended as always with prayers read in different languages. We then all moved on to the Gemeindehaus to enjoy a seasonally decorated room, where Committee members and other helpers served a hot toddy, biscuits and of course mince pies. There was at once a run on a stall where home-made mince-pies and elderflower liqueur were on sale, to boost our Bridfas kitty.

This Christmas Carol Service offers us all a chance to come together and share a time of contemplation, and join in the joyful carols in anticipation  of the forthcoming nativity.  Meeting up afterwards with friends old and new is an added bonus we all enjoy. Our heartfelt thanks to all who helped.

Wishing you all a joyous Christmastide and happy New Year

May you always have an angel by your side.

Brenda Teschke on behalf of the Bridfas Committee

Marie Pieck playing the Celtic Harp

something layed out on the tables for our guests to enjoy

something home made for sale