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A British Heritage Trail in and around Osnabrueck

published by Brenda Teschke

A Look at Osnabrück’s British Heritage

To mark the occasion of 20 years Bridfas Osnabrück and also the 50th jubilee of the Arts Society next year, Bridfas Osnabrueck has produced a booklet, an overview of Anglo-Osnabrueck ties under the title ‘A British Heritage Trail in and around Osnabrueck.’

The narrative starts with Sophia of the Palatinate, Heiress Presumptive to the throne of Gt. Britain and Ireland, but also wife of the Prince Bishop of Osnabrueck and their arrival at their official seat, the Castle of Iburg, near Osnabrück, in 1662. It covers among many aspects: the childhood of the later George I and the advantages this contact brought to the local gentry, the discovery of the site of the disastrous Varus Battle in 9AD whereby 3 Roman legions were lost forever, Field Marshal Montgomery’s Headquarters and the reconditioning of his cars, the occupation by the British Army at the end of WWII, their withdrawal in 2009 and the effects this had on the town and lastly the many present-day ties with Gt. Britain, including the first Brexit.

A ‘must’ for anyone interested in local history and the British connection.