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Zoom Online lecture: "Snow and Ice, Holland Frozen in Time", By Jane Choy-Thurlow

Whereas nowadays Dutch winters tend to be rather mild, in the 17th century there were lengthy periods of frost. Unfortunately, old-fashioned Dutch winters with severe frosts, thick layers of snow and frozen lakes and canals with everyone skating have become rare. But these Dutch winters of bygone times were captured in paintings by the great masters of the Dutch Golden Age. In the comfort of your warm, comfortable homes, Jane will show you how this typically Dutch genre developed and talk about some of the famous works by artists such as Hendrick Avercamp, who specialized in winter landscapes, but also Jacob van Ruisdael, Jan van Goyen and even Rembrandt who showed the traditional Dutch landscape at its coldest.


Join the Mauritshuis docent, Jane Choy-Thurlow, via a video conference call, as she enlightens us about Dutch winter landscape artists of the 17th century.