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Zoom Online lecture: Salvador Dali, 20th centuryRenaissance artist; By Julia Musgrave

Like the Renaissance artists he admired, Salvador Dalí did not restrict his creative output to painting but was also a writer, poet, engraver, sculptor, architect, photographer, theatre designer, and jewellery designer. As well as designing the latter, Dalí selected the materials to be used, focusing not just on the colours or the value of the material, but also on their symbolic meanings. Jewels such as ‘El cor reial’ (1953, The Royal Heart) have become iconic works and are considered to be as exceptional as his paintings. He also was an omnivorous reader who was as interested in science as he was in art and in this his work also reflects the Renaissance artist he admired. This lecture explores the work of Dalí the designer and science enthusiast – a Renaissance artist in the 20th century.

Julia Musgrave is a freelance accredited Art Society lecturer in the History of Art. She has a degree in the History of Art from the Courtauld Institute and an MLitt from The University of Glasgow, not to mention a first degree in Chemical Engineering. Her research interests range from British Modernism to the Renaissance.


‘The secret of my influence has always been that it remained secret’ – Salvador Dalí’