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A carpet ride to Khiva, By Chris Alexander

Antique Timurid Dynasty Rugs

The Timurid Dynasty, which controlled a region stretching from Central Asia to Eastern Turkey, was founded in the late fourteenth century by Timur, a Chaghatai Turk who claimed descent from Genghis Khan. Under Timur and his descendants in the fifteenth century, art and architecture flourished throughout this realm.

While no actual Timurid carpets have survived except for some fragments, there are many detailed and accurate representations of carpets in Timurid illuminated manuscripts, enough so that the scholar Amy Briggs was able to reconstruct an extensive corpus of Timurid rug weaving.

Indeed, the surviving Timurid fragments compare very closely to the manuscripts, so that one can place considerable trust in the painted depictions as an accurate record of the lost Timurid carpet industry.


Exploring the revival of 15th Century Timurid Carpet.

Designs from Persian illuminated manuscripts.