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WELCOME TO BRIDFAS - The Arts Society of Osnabrück.........No More

BRIDFAS - The Arts Society of Osnabrück  1997-2022




It is my very sad task to announce that due to  a lack of applicants to take over the organisation of The Arts Society Osnabrück -originally Bridfas Osnabrück -  we are no longer able to continue as a society and as from 30.06.2022 have closed down.

The Covid epidemic and increasing age of the membership have also contributed to difficulties in the running of the society. The personal  contact has always played an important role and due to Covid restrictions that social contact was rare. On the few occasions we did manage to come together there was a very good response from members and the hope remains that we will in future meet up informally. We had to resort to Zoom lectures in the Covid times, but many members were not so happy with this alternative.

However therein lies our future as access to our excellent TAS lectures remains open to everybody through those Arts societies which will continue to have hybrid lectures i.e  live inhall lectures which are also zoomed for people unable to reach the venue. It would be possible to pay an annual subscription to receive the links, or a fee for an individual lecture for those not wishing to commit themselves further. Both Hamburg and Berlin are planning to operate in this way and after the summer break I will pass on their programmes and email addresses to you. Our website is available until the end of this year.

I must thank you all for your loyal support over the years and a special thanks to Ruth our media secretary for running this site.

Brenda Teschke - chairperson


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